Robert ran a race that was 2/3 of a mile in length. If he has completed 5/6 of the race, how far has he run in miles?

Accepted Solution

Answer:5/9Step-by-step explanation:Let's begin by determining the factors of the problem. We know that Robert ran a race that is 2/3 of a mile long. Therefore, we know that 2/3 is a factor in the equation. We also know that, of the 2/3 mile, he ran 5/6 of it. Now the tricky part is deciding how the two fractions are related.To make this easier, let's substitute a different number for 5/6. We'll say 2.If he has completed TWICE the length of the race, how would you determine how far he ran? You would multiply 2/3 by 2! This same principle can be applied to the problem.To determine the total distance run in miles, we can write it as 2/3 * 5/6(NOTE that * is known as "times" or "multiplied by")With this, you multiply the numerators (2 * 5 = 10) and the denominators (3 * 6 = 18) and then make your fraction... 10/18!But you're not done yet. Always remember to simplify when possible. Both terms are divisible by 2. Therefore, it can be written as 5/9.Hope this helped!