drag each tile to the table to multiply each row heading by each column heading

Accepted Solution

Answer: drag each result in the corresponding box according to the resultsStep-by-step explanation:HelloThe product of two or more powers of equal  base "a" is equal to the power of base  "a" with   exponent equal to the sum of the respective exponents.[tex]a^{m}*a^{n} =a^{n+m}[/tex]Step 1[tex]d*2d^{2}\\[/tex][tex]d*2d^{2}=(2*1)d^{(2+1)}\\d*2d^{2}=2d^{3} \\[/tex]Step 2[tex]-9*2d^{2}\\[/tex][tex]-9*2d^{2}=(-9*2)d^{(2+0)}\\-9*2d^{2}=-18d^{2} \\[/tex]Step 3[tex]d*11d\\[/tex][tex]d*11d=(1*11)d^{(1+1)}\\11*d^{2}=11d^{2} \\[/tex]Step 4[tex]-9 * 11d\\[/tex] [tex]-9 * 11d = (-9*11)d^{1+0}=-99 d[/tex]Step 5[tex]d*-4=-4d[/tex]Step 6[tex]-9*-4 = ( -*- ) (9*4)= 36[/tex]Step 7Now, drag each result in the corresponding box .Have a great day