I don't get the subject of congruent triangles. How do I figure out if there's not enough information to know if it is congruent? Also, how do you do a flow chart? Thanks!!​

Accepted Solution

Answer:Okay, there are many ways to find if a triangle is congruent. Let's start with some different terminology.For the sake of simplicity let us say that S stands for when a side is congruent for both triangles and A stands for when an angle (<) is congruent between both the triangles as well.So, you need to memorize some rules. If you find that 2 triangles are congruent in the sense of; SSS, SAS, AAS, SAA, and ASA. One thing to remember is that Angle Side Side isn't congruent and is called Donkey Theorem. This theorem only works for right triangles.One way to know if your triangle isn't congruent is if you can find a part of the triangle that is different.I know that wasn't the best explanation but I hope it helped anyhow. :)